Help us provide medical kits to vulnerable children during COVID-19 | Kailash Satyarthi US


The second wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus in India has resulted in a near total collapse of the Indian health care system with unprecedented loss of life and suffering.

There are heart wrenching reports of acute oxygen shortages, the non-availability of hospital beds and lack of critical medicines across the country.  As always those that will suffer the most are those most hidden and vulnerable – marginalized children and their families – whether in urban slums, villages or children living in Child Care Institutions (CCIs), who have no one to turn to.

Children living in child care institutions are more vulnerable than ever before and in need of immediate attention, care and protection. We have initiated the process of providing lifesaving medicines, oxygen concentrators and cylinders to at least 50 government approved child-care homes in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

These medical relief items address immediate medical needs, enhance hygiene, boost immunity and thereby help break the chain of spread of the virus, thus saving lives.  Each kit includes:

  • One oxygen concentrator
  • One oximeter
  • 2 infra-red thermometers
  • One nebulizer
  • 2 steam machines
  • 500 masks
  • 50 sanitizers
  • An assortment of non-prescription medicines, ORS packets and vitamins to boost immunity and fight the virus

The cost of each kit is USD$2200.

Help us purchase and distribute 50 medical kits to 50 government approved child-care institutions.