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We work to strengthen policy, share research and practical solutions to build the capacity of governments, businesses and communities in creating a child-friendly world.

Laureates and Leaders for Children 

Recognizing the change that could be brought to the lives of children around the world if the visionaries from various fields worked together, Kailash Satyarthi envisioned Nobel Laureates and world leaders working together to fight for the freedom and dignity for every child in the world.

Laureates and Leaders for Children convenes biennially for a summit hosted around the world to address the most pressing needs of all children and develop strategies to put their welfare on the global forefront. They work to accelerate progress against child exploitation, build a global action plan and invest in innovation for children.

The first Laureates and Leaders Summit for Children, hosted by the President of India in December 2016 concluded with a charter for children, the Will for Children. The second Summit was held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II in Jordan in 2018 and culminated with the Dead Sea Declaration, a global call to action asking for urgent action for children’s’ rights.


We engage with children and stakeholders in communities for promoting a child-friendly environment.

Child Friendly Villages

Child Friendly Villages (Bal Mitra Gram)

The Child Friendly Village is a unique preventive model of youth empowerment and village development that protects children from trafficking, child labor and child marriages by ensuring their rights, wellbeing and voices are central to the village community.

This is done successfully by involving the local community and the participation of children themselves through the creation and forming of a children’s council (Bal Panchayat).

The uniqueness of the Child Friendly Village initiative lies in the active participation by village children and in creating a legitimate democratic space for children in the village governance structure (panchayats), communities, schools and families. It helps to address deep-rooted problems of child labor and other social issues in the village such as child marriage and alcoholism through activities initiated by children and creates a culture that values education.  The model builds village infrastructure through access to central and state government programs while ensuring a long term sustainable future.

Child Friendly Villages are a practical demonstration of child rights at the grassroots level.


Child Friendly Communities (Bal Mitra Mandal)

Inspired by the Child Friendly Villages, BMMs aim to implement the same concept in urban communities where children are actively engaged in various programs and sessions which help them build leadership skills and empower them to advocate for their own rights. BMMs in association with organizations like Each One Teach One, provide quality academic support to children through remedial classes to mainstream them into the formal education system.


We engage, inspire and mobilize diverse groups to free children from slavery and exploitation.

100 Million Campaign

The 100 Million for 100 Million campaign aims to be the biggest and boldest youth mobilization in history. Today’s youth, nearly 50 percent of the world’s population, represents a force for idealism and positive change. The campaign will support 100 million young people to learn about their own rights and the lives of other children, who live in unimaginable situations caused by conflict, exploitation and extreme poverty, around the world.

Inspired by the strength and impact of former child slaves who have now become successful rescuers themselves, 100 Million will give every young supporter the opportunity to become a change maker. Through supporting and empowering youth for youth mobilization, the campaign hopes to increase global compassion and understanding, and create a world where all young people are safe and learning in school not earning to survive.

Bharat Yatra

On September 11, 2017 Kailash Satyarthi, along with hundreds of youth, launched the Bharat Yatra, an 11,000 km march across 22 Indian states in 35 days, which sparked a national dialogue on child trafficking and sexual abuse. More than 800,000 people participated in 200 plus events that took place across India engaging young people, government officials, policy makers, faith leaders, civil society organizations, law enforcement personnel, teachers, students, the media, business leaders and the public at large all calling for the prioritization of children in India’s national and state policies. In just 4 months, the Yatra resulted in more than 1.4 million people pledging to make India safe for children. The Bharat Yatra is part of the global 100 Million Campaign, a global youth mobilization initiative working to ensure every child is free, safe and educated.